The field of medicine is constantly in flux, as leaps forward are made in some areas and setbacks occur in others. The history of food allergy treatment reflects this. The numbers of people affected by food allergies has ballooned in recent years. For instance, the prevalence of peanut allergy in children has increased by a factor of four in the space of just over ten years, from 1997 to 2008.

At you can see what this French company is bringing to the table in terms of allergy treatment and diagnosis. Why not consult this page to find out more about their Viaskin® range of adhesive patches?

This adhesive patch, pictured below, delivers allergens to the body with the aim of increasing the patient’s tolerance levels to a particular antigen. The allergens are sprayed onto the patch evenly thanks to a special electrospray and electrostatically-charged backing. This method is supremely versatile, and DBV-Technologies has adapted it to some of the most common allergies, ranging from peanut and cow’s milk protein to house dust mite.

DBV-Technologies’ answer to the ever-present menace of allergies – the Viaskin® patch