There are times that we look back upon with nostalgia. For furniture fans, the 17 and 1800s are such times, principally because of the beautiful creations being produced in France, both before and after the revolution. French firm Taillardat ( is helping to make sure that these days are more than just a distant memory, by producing its own quality pieces in styles directly inspired by this period in history. Famous names like Regency, Louis XVI, Empire and Marie-Antoinette are all rising from the ashes in the hands of Taillardat’s expert craftspeople. Their aim is to make robust, practical furniture that looks as much as possible like the original designs. In this, they’re helped by their in-depth knowledge of techniques like gilding, carving, upholstery, cabinet-making and leather casing – all skills that were used all those years ago.

The elegant Chevigny model of Louis XV armchair

Taillardat produce everything from low tables and chests of drawers to beds. Why not look here to see their full range of chairs? And if you’re looking for something a little grander, then perhaps the armchair selection might do the trick? The Chevigny armchair which you can see below is one example of many Louis XV designs available to view online.

Drawing inspiration from the heyday of French furniture – Taillardat.
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