If you have an interest in developments in allergy diagnosis and treatments, www.dbv-technologies.com will be right up your street.

Allergies have probably never been more prominent in the public consciousness than they are now. Well-known allergies include foods such as egg, milk and peanuts.

DBV Technologies is now leading the way in combatting certain allergies through the Viaskin Patch (http://www.dbv-technologies.com/en/viaskin-technology/viaskin-patch).

As the name suggests, this epicutaneous patch is applied to the skin. The primary elements of the patch include an electrostatically-charged backing and an adhesive crown.

The idea behind the patch isn’t particularly complicated. An electrostatically-charged spray of protein compound (the antigen) is sprayed onto the patch’s backing.The ultra-hydration of the skin by the patch solubilizes the antigens. They pass through the skin into the Langerhans cells and the tolerization of the body to the allergens in question can start.

This method is being trialled in various versions, including Viaskin egg.

DBV-Technologies – helping make the world a better place for allergy sufferers!
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