Hospitalsconsultants links up patients with top-quality healthcare providers

Are you concerned about the quality of care you’ll receive in hospital? Do you worry that your procedure will be delayed again and again? If so, you could put your mind at rest by visiting the hospitalsconsultants site, simply by clicking on the logo beneath.

Hospitalsconsultants links up patients with top-quality healthcare providers

This internet site is a platform where patients can find a hospital which performs the procedure they need. If they fulfil certain conditions, they’ll be able to receive treatment, sometimes much more quickly than on the NHS. The service is entirely neutral and independent – hospitalsconsultants receives no commission for referring patients to participating hospitals. There’s just a fixed fee for putting the patient in contact with one of the 30 hospitals featured on the site.

One of the most common surgical procedures amongst the over 70s is cataract surgery. Over a dozen establishments on the site offer this procedure. It’s worth remembering that the cataract surgery cost will include accommodation, meals, doctors’ fees and medications. One of the best places to have this operation done is the Nuffield Health Wessex Hospital in Hampshire. For more details, you can visit the hospital’s dedicated page on the Hospitalsconsultants site on this page.

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