Looking for a one-stop shop for shoes for the girls? Modatoi is the place to be if you’re interested in high quality, stylish boots and shoes.
One eye-catching trend this season has to be the return in force of platforms. No less outrageous in some ways than the original models, today’s versions make their fashion statements in a slightly different way. Rather than just going for sheer height, what matters is shape and detailing. In contrast to the block-like look of the traditional platform, we now get a more streamlined design. There’s also plenty of excitement to be had from the women’s boots models available out there. Wonderfully cheerful shades of scarlet, mauve, hot pink and yellow are very much the order of the day. There’s also plenty of evidence to show that an old favourite – animal print designs – is definitely back, especially of the leopard and zebra skin variety.
What’s more, now classic half boot looks are only a click away. And we all know that half boots are twice the fun! For instance, you’ll just love the contrasts of different colours and materials on offer – try hot pink and black, orange and blue or even pvc and suede look combos.

Give drab footwear and clothes the boot with Modatoi!