Large numbers of binary options trading sites have come into existence of late. These platforms allow users to acquire binary options on assorted ‘underlying assets’, for instance, commodities, e.g gold and oil, as well as stocks and forex. Binary options trading may be all Greek to you, if so, there’s a wealth of online resources that you can draw on to guide you through your first steps in trading. The secret behind the success story of binary options is the absolute transparency they provide as regards outcomes. Basically, there are just two possible end results: a set profit or otherwise, a loss. Whatever the outcome, there are no unexpected surprises for the trader. A significant number of trading brokers offer demo accounts, meaning that you can go for a ‘dry run’, for instance, by trying to make a right call on whether a certain stock will lose or gain in value. Digitial options are a type of binary option. There are 3 potential outcomes in play: ‘at the money’, ‘in the money’ and ‘out of the money’, the final outcome is linked to the accuracy or otherwise of your forecasts. With real-time trading you can buy an option and see a return within minutes. Furthermore, you don’t need previous trading experience to get involved.

Ever wondered if binary options trading was for you?